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Connie McKnight

West Hempstead, NY
  • Connie McKnight in the photo 1

Over forty years ago my younger brother had spinal surgery at HSS. My Mom did her research and finally decided HSS was the best place for her son to have the much needed surgery. It was successful and my brother recovered. Several years later when my one year son was diagnosed with scoliosis, I remembered HSS and took my son there. When he received his first of many braces I was told her was one of the youngest ever braced. At age thirteen, (over 30 years ago) Dr. David Levine performed scoliosis surgery.

Fast forward to 15 years ago, I was also diagnosed with scoliosis and found a Dr at HSS. A few years later I had pain in my hip. Not thinking I went to a local doctor in my health plan here on Long Island. I had two pins put in and only short time later the pain was back. It was advised that the pins be removed. Still not thinking I did this locally. Suddenly five days after the pins were my hip broke in my bed. I was taken to local hospital for emergency hip replacement. Months later my back was hurting. This time to went back to HSS and the back to the spinal Dr at HSS. He told me that there was a problem with my Hip replacement and it was effecting my back. He recommended I see Dr. Padgett. He did two revisions over two years. At the time we did not know that I had OI. After seeing Dr. Lane he began treating me for both OI and Osteoporosis.

Currently , I am seeing several Dr's at HSS for my several orthopedic problems and pain management. HSS for me (and my family) is the only place to go for orthopedic care. I am only sorry I did not go to HSS first for my own issues. I now recommend my Doctors and HSS to friends and family. I am now still under care of several of the doctors but able to teach 13 to 15 classes of Yoga a week and enjoy a busy and full life. My doctors and I are a team. Thank you HSS for being the best and giving me such excellent care. The doctors are the best and are outstanding in their field. I would travel from anywhere to HSS.