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Colette Cipriano

Colts Neck, NJ
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After three misdiagnoses, countless physical therapists, and even a failed surgery, I was finally able to find relief through both of my PAO surgeries, performed by Dr. Sink.

In 2017 before I turned 13, I was competing in a track competition when I started to feel a sharp pain in my right hip. I did what I could, doing extra stretches, taking it easier in practices, and frequently visiting my school’s trainer. Despite my efforts, my pain continued. I decided to see a local doctor who told me that I had a hyper-mobility syndrome and my symptoms would eventually resolve naturally.

I lived through my continual pain and this diagnosis until 2019, when my pain became unbearable and I could no longer participate in any sports. In March of 2019, I had a posterior labral tear repair surgery done on my right hip. While recovering from this surgery, I noticed new excruciating back pain, along with the same hip pain I experienced previously.

I went to HSS in NYC where I learned of my real, final, and correct diagnosis of adolescent hip dysplasia. In May of 2020, after over 3 years of constant pain, I got a PAO on my right hip. Because my body endured so much trauma during my years of improper diagnoses, I ended up having a PAO on my left hip in early 2021.

Being a few years out of my post-op experience, my hips feel better than ever. All eight surgical screws that were implanted during my PAOs have since come out. Because these screws can stay in a PAO patient’s body for life, I felt inspired to do something special with mine. The very same screws that I once wore inside my body, I can now show to the world as a necklace and ring. From this, I started a medical jewelry company called Wear Your Strength™. All pieces we create by hand are made out of real medical hardware. I even offer a service to personally work with PAO patients (or other implant-related surgeries) to create custom jewelry out of their very own screws.

I have also been able to get back to pain-free physical activity since my PAO experience. I have taken up the art of various kinds of aerial silks, a sport I would have never been able to try before. For me, it is the perfect balance between stretching, weight lifting, and strength training for my whole body.

Without Dr. Sink, the HSS Hip Preservation team, and the periacetabular osteotomy surgery, I would have never been able to enjoy a pain-free, normal life. I am so grateful to have found the amazing doctors and nurses that helped me regain my strength and get me to where I am today!