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Claudia Holguin

West Palm Beach, FL
  • Claudia Holguin in the photo 1

At Dr. Wang’s insistence, I went to see Olga Hincapié as my physical therapist at HSS Florida in West Palm Beach.

From the very beginning, I knew I was dealing with a professional. She was very thoughtful and very caring and most especially, extremely knowledgeable as to what I needed to get my right knee better. She took it slowly, and as I got better, we progressed to bigger and better things.

The wonderful thing is that at the end of my scheduled therapy, I had absolutely zero pain in my right knee. So the physical therapy she gave me, coupled with the exercises that I completed at home, made me 100% better. It has now been three months, and my knee is totally normal.

I am therefore very much indebted to Olga and HSS for making me better. I would also like to mention that the new state-of-the-art facilities at HSS Florida are absolutely prime.

Toni, the receptionist on the PT floor, was always helpful and made sure I got the appointment entries that were convenient to me.

All in all, an excellent experience.

Many thanks to HSS and their team.