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Clare Cook

Hoboken, NJ

Confidence in an Outstanding Hip Replacement

It’s my “left” Hip’s first birthday APRIL 20TH! And I wanted to share my happiness and confidence with anyone that reads this. I’ve never looked back and I sometimes forget I ever had a hip replacement.

I also want to congratulate HSS on the wonderful care I received from beginning to end. None of this has been forgotten. The nurses that gave me outstanding attention, and especially a “big thanks” to my surgeon- Dr. Allan Inglis, Jr., a wonderful caring person. I knew in the first 5 minutes of meeting

Dr. Inglis, he was the surgeon I wished to perform my surgery.

I also want to remember and thank again Dr. Inglis’ assistant Maria Zaldana so organized and knowledgeable; nothing was ever too much trouble.

For me, having a hip replacement came as a total shock. I have always led an active life. I was dancing from a young age, practicing yoga, running and spinning as a way to unwind, training in a hard-core gym. I was always doing something 6 out of 7 days a week. I had my two sons at 40 and 42 and still maintained running and Bikram yoga to the end of both pregnancies. I was healthy fit and enjoyed it.

I woke up one morning with a pain in my groin, thinking I had strained it. However it was a pain that didn't go away and got worse to bare or walk.

After an MRI at HSS I was diagnosed with bone on bone on my left side caused by genetics and it was inevitable that it would have happened to me one day.

For a moment at 46, my world seemed crushed. My active lifestyle would never be the same. I really thought of hip replacements for people at the age of my Grandmother. Of course I was totally wrong.

I researched and had 4 consultations with 2 Surgeons at HSS and 2 other Surgeons at hospitals in the city. I was told I would be a suitable candidate for an anterior approach, which was less invasive making my recovery time faster. It certainly did. Even my scar, 12 months on is now so faint, in fact, almost invisible. Thank you Dr. Inglis for such care!

I was back to exercise in no time of course easing back into it. However, I decided to change a few things…. I made the decision not to run anymore I really did not want to be back having another replacement after wearing the joint down.

I have since found a new passion that was actually suggested to me by

Dr. Inglis... rowing! I admit, I did not jump at the idea of rowing. It was not something I had ever thought of or had an instance “want” or even really “sat” on a rower, but I can honestly say if you are a “first time rower” with a new hip, try it. It's a wonderful workout for the whole body. I now row average 3 times a week at Go Row in Hoboken (we even have one at home now which my husband loves too).

I never realized the benefits of rowing especially with people who have degenerative joint issues. It is non impactful and great at strengthening your joints and does not breakdown the joints like running does. I can certainly say after rowing for 9 months, it is a full cardio body workout, exercising every muscle group in the body. It burns the most amount of calories in the least amount of time. Rowing truly is the ultimate and efficient full body workout and I suggest you to try It if you are looking for a good cardio and no impact on your joint.

I’m happily rowing, spinning and back at yoga. And “yes” my life has changed but in a good way. I am grateful everyday for the care I received and my new hip.