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Clardy Palacios

New York, NY
  • Clardy Palacios in the photo 1

I first met Dr. Boettner in 2007 when I was 29. I'm coming up on my 10 year anniversary to my first surgery and I feel great. I spent an entire year prior to my surgery in pain seeing every doctor possible and getting no relief. I won't bore you with all the details of that long painful year. All I will say is that Dr. Boettner was a breath of fresh air when I met him. He didn't think I was being dramatic about the pain. He heard me and didn't feel the need to force me into treatments I didn't want. I didn't want cortisone shots, those weren't going to fix my problem and he took the time to really hear me out and finally agreed that my best course was surgery. It was NOT an easy surgery but it was well worth it. I found myself in his office 4 years later to repair my other hip. Ever since those surgeries I am always grateful to him for what I got back which was quality of life. If you ever have any needs for hip surgeries this is is your guy. One of the best - Thanks Doc!!!