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Clara Rodriguez

Miami, FL
  • Torn/Ruptured Foot/Ankle Tendon
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A couple of months ago I was messing around with some friends on the ice for hockey. All my life, sports have been a big part of who I am and I can’t live without them. Ever since the age of two, I was playing soccer with my brothers and would eventually start for an elite team. Through all my years of sports and trying every sport imaginable, along the way I’ve had a couple minor concussions and sprained ankles but I never imagined this. On the ice I fell and snapped my fibula bone, breaking it badly. Me being me, I didn’t think much of it and continued about. However, luckily my mom knew something was up and took me to see Dr. Green, where he deemed that surgery was needed in order to repair my ankle. I can not thank Dr. Green and his team enough for a successful surgery and helping me on a speedy recovery! I’m on my way to playing all the sports I love again and I couldn’t have done it without HSS and Dr. Green. Thank you!!! Back to soccer and track championships soon! Thanks to Dr. Green I can now return to sports and be faster and better than before with my new metal bone haha. I was so scared that I was not able to play sports again, but after going to HSS I can slowly return to doing what I love so much again.