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Cindy Megale

Norwalk, CT
  • Cindy Megale in the photo 1

I first came to HSS for severe neck pain. After having a MRI, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis in my cervical spine. I had originally started out with another doctor at HSS and I was also going for PT, but I wasn’t getting enough pain relief so she referred me to Dr. Joseph Hung. He was absolutely awesome and I immediately liked him. He provided me with different options of what he could do to help. I was in so much pain at this point, I was ready to take drastic measures. He recommended a cervical medial branch block and a cervical medial branch radio frequency ablation. He also prescribed duloxetine. It was four outpatient visits to do both procedures. Bernadette, Dr. Hung’s office manager, was fantastic too. She got me scheduled as soon as possible and dealt with all of the issues with my insurance company and I know it was a difficult task. I was not only so impressed with Dr. Hung, but his team as well. From the minute I walked in each time, each and every one of them were so professional, caring and so compassionate. During the procedure, Dr. Hung explained exactly what he was doing and what I would be feeling. I always got phone calls the next day from the surgery center to see how I was doing. Dr. Hung himself even called one of the times. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hung. He is a wonderful man and a great doctor. What he did for my neck was a game changer; he literally gave me back some normalcy in my life. Before the procedures, I had limited to no mobility in my neck, shoulders and upper arms because I was in so much pain. Since the procedure, I’m back to doing everything I used to do.