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Cindy Horowitz

New York, NY
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I fractured my radius while playing tennis 2.5 years ago. I was treated with a cast and physical therapy. At the time I depended on my insurance to cover costs, as I had just moved to NYC and was not eligible for Medicare or group health insurance. My choice of doctors in the plan was extremely limited. I am a retired nurse and the care I received was less than adequate.

I suffered terribly with pain/swelling, complained at every office visit to the treating doctor who was only interested in treating me with pain medication. After 4 months, I begged for an x-ray/MRI which had not been ordered since the time of fracture. I finally did go for testing and was told it will take up to a year to heal and I had to "live with it".

I had chronic pain and was limited in my ADL. I was unable to sleep through the night and was irritable and anxious. I sought alternative care and was directed to a physiatrist who treated me every 4-5 months with injections to bring down the pain and swelling. On my last visit to the doctor he ordered an MRI and told me I needed to see a hand specialist at HSS, Dr. Daluiski.

I went to Dr. Aaron Daluiski at HSS. He examined my wrist and ordered x-rays. He took over an hour to explain results to me and my husband. He was very thorough, a great listener, gentle, but at the same time was honest and did not paint an unrealistic picture. The surgery was complicated-required hardware and bone graft. No promises. I had a non-union of the bone and developed carpal tunnel syndrome. It was a calculated risk getting the surgery, but my quality of life had deteriorated.

The pre- and post-op care was of the highest quality. It's been 2 months since surgery. I am for the most part pain-free!! Swelling is minimal. I worked very hard at therapy and have most of my flexion/extension back. My strength is returning, and I just returned from playing tennis!!!!!!

All of this happened during the peak of the pandemic. I was hesitant to proceed with the surgery. The ambulatory center just re-opened and I was assured that BEST PRACTICE would be in place. It was a leap of faith and I was NOT DISAPPOINTED.

Dr. Daluiski, the staff, the Hospital and all involved in my care were professional and used safe measures.

I am so grateful to get my life back. KUDOS to Dr. Daluiski.