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Christopher Wu

Brooklyn, NY
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Back in February 2010, while snowboarding at Stowe Mountain Resort, I missed a jump and hit the icy ground hard. Most of my weight went into my shoulder and I was in shock. When I went to first aid, they reassured me that my injury wasn’t severe -- I would heal. Despite the pain, I assumed I was recovering very slow. But three months later my shoulder still didn’t feel right. A recommendation from a family member led me to Dr. Gregory DiFelice. He was in shock -- I was living with a chronic right shoulder anterior fracture/dislocation. The humeral head was severely displaced, so much so that it was situated underneath the coracoid. It also scarred into position with a greater tuberosity fracture that was also healed to the shaft.

Despite the unusual nature of the injury and the greater risk due to the time between my incident and seeing Dr. DiFelice, the surgery went smoothly. With the help of physical therapy and my own determination, I knew I could recover. A year later I ran my first 5k and it kicked off my love of exercise. Since then I’ve finished multiple half and full marathons, triathlons. I’ve swam 5k distances in open water, going on 100 mile bike rides and I just signed up for my first ultra marathon. I even rock climb. Also, I’m back on my snowboard.