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Christopher Mullen

Staten Island, NY
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My name is Chris Mullen and I was entering freshman year of high school in September. I was enjoying the last days of summer when my bike accident happened. I was riding and the peg on my bike got caught on a very low fence. I went over the handle bars and landed in someone's yard. I did land in the grass but on my knee. I tried to stand up and realized I could barely walk. My left knee took the hit when I fell. I couldn't straighten it or put any weight on it. My knee doubled in size from swelling. During the next three weeks of x-rays, MRI's and many doctor appointments, I finally found my way to HSS hospital and to Dr. Peter Fabricant. This was by far the best decision made. His expertise was like no other. He operated and the road to recovery began. It wasn't easy. There were many visits with Dr. Fabricant and Rehab started immediately. At times I wanted to be left alone. My knee hurt after surgery but my parents pushed me. My physical therapist worked with me 2 days a week for 6 months. My mother thought I would never walk without crutches. At times, I was lazy but I pushed through it and started seeing results. I finally started to walk without crutches by December. Following Dr. Fabricant's directions, as well as doing my PT, strengthened my knee over time. I am now playing baseball and riding my bike. The hard work paid off, It was a long process but it was successful at the end.