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Christopher Lang

Brooklyn, NY
  • Christopher Lang in the photo 1

I suffered from carpal tunnel for over three years. I was hesitant to get the surgery and put it off for over a year after diagnosis even though I was told that the procedure was called for. But it finally became too painful and problematic to put off any longer and I scheduled the surgery which Dr. Save at HSS at NYP performed two weeks ago - there was immediate relief! The first night after the surgery was the first time in over two years that I was not awoken by serious pain and pins and needles in my hand. Since the surgery I have slept through the night and even the post-operative soreness in my hand is fading fast. The mobility in my fingers is returning and the numbness is also lessening. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Save and all the the support staff at HSS at NYP. My only regret is that I did not have the surgery a year ago when it was first offered. My hesitation caused a year of unnecessary pain and insomnia.