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Christopher Gonzalez

Fairfield, CT
  • Christopher Gonzalez in the photo 1

On April 24 2018, I was playing a lacrosse game against one of our rivals, the Trumbull Eagles. It was the second quarter and a player from Trumbull took a shot towards the bottom left corner. I made a split save, but on my way down, my elbow dug into the turf and I felt something rip in my shoulder. After two weeks of being in a sling I went to HSS and met Dr. Taylor. Dr. Taylor told me I was going to need labrum surgery in my left shoulder. Dr. Taylor gave me the choice of getting the surgery right away, or wait until the end of summer. On July 31, 2018, I got my surgery. Dr. Taylor said it was going to be a six to seven month recovery. As of December 21, 2018 I was cleared to go back to playing lacrosse. Dr. Taylor did such a great job with the surgery that my shoulder feels better than it did before. Next week I'm visiting a college for a lacrosse prospect day. If I didn't get surgery from Dr. Taylor who knows where I would be right now. Thank you so much HSS for helping me throughout this process.