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Christopher Carmel

Bozeman, MT
  • Christopher Carmel in the photo 1

I'm a former competitive skier and ski instructor, avid tennis player, golfer, fixed-wing and glider pilot. I train hard in order to be able to enjoy the activities I love, but around age 60 wear and tear began to take their toll. Repeated meniscus tears in both knees had started to reduce the activities I could do and my performance level. I began researching options and determined an uncemented partial knee replacement would give me the best chance of returning to sports at a satisfactory level. Dr. Martin O'Malley had done a fantastic job on my right foot and ankle a dozen years ago, so I was pretty certain I wanted to put myself in HSS' care. Dr. Moira McCarthy put me in touch with Dr. Andrew Pearle, who had developed a new uncemented partial knee implant that was going through the FDA approval process. I received the first Engage partial knee in March 2021 and the second about nine months later. I was able to spend a full summer in the mountains last year hiking and climbing; this summer I hiked more than 200 miles and climbed about 50,000 feet, and am looking forward to my first ski season in several years. I'm incredibly grateful to Dr. Pearle, his entire staff and everyone at HSS who has helped provide such exceptional care for me over the years. I've never seen such knowledge, skill, dedication and compassion in any other health care institution-- HSS is truly the best.