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Christian Klose

Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Christian Klose in the photo 1

I had no strength in my left leg, so I went to see a doctor in Guatemala, and he told me that he had to remove two discs and fusion L3 and L 5 in my spine. That I will never run, bike, swim or golf for the rest of my life. I've done like 22 marathons and sports all my life, so I asked the insurance company which was the best bone hospital I could get. They gave me three options. My brother-in-law had a hip replacement in HSS so we decided New York was the best option.

I came in through the International department and since the first day, it was so easy to get exams, appointments and papers that the hospital needed. I was very lucky because they assigned me Lady Perez, and she stood by my side all the time.

Dr. Huang saw my MRI and explained to me that he was just removing one disc, because the other wasn't making any problems. Three days after surgery I was walking with a cane near the hospital. I asked Dr. Huang what was my future, and he told me everything but with caution. Three months later I'm biking, swimming, playing golf and doing normal life thanks to being able to get to the best hospital in the world.