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Chrissie Powell

Greentown, PA
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In 2010 I was diagnosed with a labral tear in my left hip. I decided not to seek treatment at that time because it did not cause me any pain. In 2012 I was diagnosed with a labral tear in my right hip. I tried to keep active, but as more time went by, I starting getting pain in both hips. It was a struggle to make it through my work day. I stopped working out completely and would come home and lay flat on the floor trying to get relief from the pain.

With the loss of range of motion created by the tears and the amount of pain that I was in I finally decided that I was no longer even experiencing life. I would miss out on activities with friends, social events where I would have to stand to long and even simple things like shopping became to much for me.

I started to research labral tears more and found that Dr. Kelly was the go to guy if you are thinking about surgery. Since I was going to have to travel for treatment because no one in my area does these type of repairs I made an appointment.

From the very first time I came to the Center for Hip Preservation at HSS I was impressed by how wonderful everyone here was. I had a couple of visits with Dr. Kelly and he sent me for all the necessary tests to confirm my diagnoses. He then recommended that I have surgery to repair the tear in my hips. The only problem was that he didn't take my insurance and I could not afford to pay for this treatment. He referred me to another doctor in his practice that took my insurance and assured me that he was an excellent doctor.

Dr. Nawabi was very friendly and met with me to discuss the procedure. We went ahead with the repair of my left hip on Dec. 29, 2014. I was in less pain from the moment I left the hospital than I had been in several years. I had several weeks of recovery on crutches and 4 months of physical therapy. I have gone back to see Dr. Nawabi for a couple of follow ups and am doing great.

I am so relieved by having this procedure that I have gotten back to exercising regularly and even running. I completed my first 5K run on May 29, 2015 just five months after having my surgery. I still have to repair my right hip one day and you can be certain I am definitely coming back to Dr. Nawabi and HSS.

I have enclosed one picture of myself and two pictures of me and my friends Becky and Laura who have been so supportive and have really helped me to get back in the game.