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Chris Key

New York City, NY
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After fracturing my L4 vertebrae in London, I was airlifted back to New York City to the capable hands of Dr. Russell Huang at HSS. He performed immediate surgery to repair my shattered L4 vertebrae and clear the nerve canals. He took a collaborative approach to my treatment plan by discussing and focusing on my active lifestyle. He chose not to fuse the discs to favor my hopes of one day returning to running, cycling, skiing etc., and continuing to live an adventurous life. Post-surgery, Dr. Huang's supportive, compassionate and thoughtful care was a critical part of my recovery as he instilled confidence at every stage of the long journey back to good health. Dr. Alana Serota also took a thoughtful approach to assist me with the post-surgery recovery process of rebuilding my bone strength. She offered great competency and encouragement that provided the requisite confidence to get "Back in the Game".

Fifteen months after my injury and the surgery at HSS, I ran the 2018 New York City Marathon, a momentous achievement for me personally that exemplified being "Back in the Game."

Thank you to Dr. Huang and Dr. Serota. They are truly committed professionals that demonstrate excellence and a deep commitment to enabling others to live their best lives. Thank you to HSS for fostering this incredible environment where true leaders flourish and chart the future of medicine whilst improving peoples lives.