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Cheryl Weiner

Long Beach, NY

I had been suffering with an arthritic degenerative knee for years. It impacted every aspect of my daily life. I could hardly walk. My local orthopedist injected me with doses of cortisone and multiple rounds of Hyaluronan until one day I heard the words nobody wants to hear. "There's nothing more I can do for you. You need a total knee replacement." He then gave me a piece of paper with HSS and Dr. Michael Parks written on it. That piece of paper changed my life.

I met with Dr. Parks at HSS, and had my TKR on August 29th, 2017. Within a day or two I was capable of walking without the use of a walker. However, for safety reasons, I was encouraged to use it. After two weeks, I was walking without the use of even a cane.

My life has been given back to me. I can walk; I can jog; I can walk up and down steps; I can play with my grandchildren. All without pain and with ease. I like to say I have the knee of a teenager.

Thank you Dr. Michael Parks and HSS.