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Cheryl Devine

Marlboro, NJ
  • Cheryl Devine in the photo 1
  • Cheryl Devine in the photo 2

I had an MRI of my back over a year ago. When I saw the results of my MRI I knew I was in trouble. I said to my neurologist, "How can that be my MRI? I don’t understand how I am walking." The doctor said to me I was going to ask you the same thing. So at that point he suggested trying physical therapy before talking about surgery, which made me worse. At that point I realized I needed a surgeon’s opinion. Dr. Haas did an amazing job on my husband’s knee replacement, therefore, I called his office for referrals. I chose Dr. Kim because I was told I had scoliosis as a young adult. I thought Dr. Kim would be best for me. Shortly after I sent my MRI to Dr. Kim’s office I received a phone call informing me my appointment was in 2 weeks. Now it’s time for my appointment and I meet everyone in the office and they were all amazing. Definitely one of the scariest days of my life!! Dr. Kim looks at me and says to me my back is not structurally sound. He tells me my only fix is surgery. At that point I looked at him and said, “I know I need surgery, but I am so scared to do it.” His response to me was that I had every right to be scared, but that is why I am there with him and at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS).

I had my spinal fusion surgery on October 2, 2018. Dr. Kim and his staff were the most compassionate and attentive staff I have ever experienced. They made sure all of my concerns and needs were met. Also HSS staff were so awesome!! That was probably one of the toughest surgeries I have ever gone through and everyone involved addressed all of my concerns with such compassion and never made me feel like I was bothering them. I can’t tell you how awesome that was!! All I can say is you don’t realize how much you take for granted in life until you go through spinal fusion surgery. Now a year has gone by and I went from not being able to walk through a supermarket to finally being able to go to the supermarket without holding onto my shopping cart for support. It sounds silly, but that is amazing for me. My surgery has allowed me to start working again. I am the Publisher of BELLA Magazine now. Traveling into the city going up and down stairs to navigate through the subways!! In addition it has allowed me to go on a 3 hour road trip and I was able to fish out of the bed of a GMC Sierra pickup truck. Each day I get pleasantly surprised by all the things I am able to do. This all sounds silly to you but it’s such a big deal for me!! Thank you, Dr. Kim, your staff and HSS for being so awesome and giving me my life back!!