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Charles Kaplanek

Huntington, NY
  • Charles Kaplanek in the photo 1

I suffer from osteoarthritis which ran deeply in my family. I was diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis of my left hip over two years ago. I wanted to delay my surgery as long as possible. However it came to a point that I could not even walk to the car....so I decided "now " is the time.

My wife is a Pilates instructor and author, publishing and specializing in Hip and Knee rehabilitation....so I was very fortunate. I began a 6 week "PREHABILITATION' program in preparation for my surgery. I chose HSS and Dr. Paul Pellicci because it just does not come any better.

So.....with HSS, Paul Pellicci and my "pre-op" "Prehabilitation" ...I walked the day of my surgery. I got my staples removed and was discharged in less than 48 hours....! ! I continued with the specified "pilates" rehab from my wife's book for the next 12 weeks and I sailed through the healing time period with great speed and ease. I recommend this type program for everyone.