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Charles Gadol

Highland, NY
  • Charles Gadol in the photo 1

I have been followed by Dr. Wickiewicz since 2010 when I first developed left knee pain. At that point, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, but Dr. Wickiewicz gave me a knee brace which allowed me to continue my sport, long distance trail running, until 2021. At that point, I was having more pain and disability, and became unable to run. So I returned to Dr. Wickiewicz for a left total knee replacement. The procedure was a success! Thanks to Dr. Wickiewicz's skill, I have made a full recovery, and only seven months later, I am out hiking a lot without any pain. This past week, I climbed two 14'ers in Colorado. The attached photo is of my climb up Mt. Yale, scrambling up rocks near the summit. Big thanks to Dr. Wickiewicz and his team for getting me back on top of my game.