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Charlene Proctor

Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • Foot Injury/Condition

I'm a ballroom dancer who competes on the circuit in about 22 competitions a year. My partner and I are working towards winning a national championship in Standard and American Smooth styles, and hopefully 10 dance. I've been dancing competitively for over 6 years and slowly, over the past several years, my toes lost cartilage and prevented me from articulating my feet. I had bone spurs also.

I danced in pain for several months and by the end of 2013, my feet gave out. I found Dr. Kennedy and began flying from Detroit to New York City for PRP treatments. He was very positive and optimistic about the process and throughout all the injections was there to offer support and kindness. I saw Dr. John Kennedy regularly throughout 2014 and am happy to report that by the end of summer 2014 the treatments were successful. Today, I continue to dance and am back to competing with little or no pain. I am so optimistic about the results of the PRP and know if I experience any other issues with my feet, he will make the best, most informed, and conservative choices for me. Totally happy and feel blessed that I came to HSS. Everyone is organized and efficient and the methods of doctor patient communication exceed anything I have ever seen.