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Chandra Patel

Edison, NJ
  • Chandra Patel in the photo 1

My mom fell and broke her leg in April of 2020 -- right at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. We sought minimal treatment at the time so we could avoid having her in the hospital during. After months of rest and no luck with the break healing we went to HSS. We were extremely nervous at the thought of this lengthy surgery, as my mother is 76 years old. Dr. Campbell took the time to review all aspects of the surgery he planned to perform, and answer all of our questions with patience and professionalism. Our family went ahead with this procedure because Dr. Campbell showed great confidence in his ability to repair the leg and give my mom the highest chances of going on to walk again. After months of being casted and unable to walk, our family was both nervous and excited to hear that there was still hope of her returning to most of her pre-fall activities. I cannot say this enough, Dr. Campbell did an amazing job- we could not have wished for the procedure to go as great as it did. It has been 7 months since her surgery and while she is still building her strength back up, the work Dr. Campbell did to repair her breaks is stable and her most recent scans show that everything is on the mend. We simply cannot thank him enough for his masterpiece!

*Written by Rina (daughter)