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Cesar Matanzo

Eastchester, NY
  • Cesar Matanzo in the photo 1

In 1993, I suffered an ankle injury while playing basketball. I did not tear my peroneal tendon, but it must have suffered damage. In time I was able to walk. Nonetheless, I could not engage in my favorite sport of golf. The pain and weakness in my left ankle limited my enjoyment. In addition, the neuromas on both feet were causing pain as I stood for hours as a teacher in the classroom.

In 2009, a friend recommended Dr. Rock Positano. He diagnosed accurately the condition of the neuromas. He noted the weakness and poor condition of my peroneal tendon. He fit me for orthotics to alleviate the discomfort of the neuromas and for support of the ailing tendon. I did not need surgery.

I play golf each week and engage fully without pain. I am grateful to Dr. Rock Positano in getting me Back in the Game.