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Cecilia Faraut

New York, NY

Three months ago I could barely walk around the corner, resisting the urge to limp. I couldn't bike anymore or work out in any way. I had a sharp snapping pain every other step. I was waking up at night with a dull radiating pain. I was diagnosed with a labral tear and hip dysplasia. I went to see a doctor who said I needed a hip replacement but I knew better than to take the first opinion. He prescribed a cortisone shot but unfortunately it only lasted two months.

I went to see Dr. Anil Ranawat for a second opinion, who explained to me other options, sent me to physical therapy and gave me time to think. Hip arthroscopy seemed like the solution to my pain. Today I am back on my bike, working out at the gym and walking as much as I did before the labral tear. And it's only been 3 months.

It's not magic. I had a very skilled, intelligent, energetic doctor who told me the truth and didn't sugarcoat his answers. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Anil Ranawat didn't rush me to the operating table. He answered all my questions (I had a lot of them) and I felt I could trust his answers. I also worked hard in post-surgery physical therapy and followed every instructions to the T. I want to mention my anesthesiologist, Dr. Richard Khan. I have had surgery twice before but somehow this time I wasn't scared or nervous when I closed my eyes. He came to check on me 3 times after surgery to make sure I was okay and my experience was far superior this time.

I had the dream team in the best hospital with the best staff. Thank you Rachel Taylor for promptly and knowledgeably answering all my emails and concerns, Dr. Khan for a painless experience and, most of all, Dr. Anil Ranawat for getting me back on my feet. Literally.