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Cathy Popp

Hamden, CT
  • Cathy Popp in the photo 1

Over the past 5 years my world was slowly shrinking due to pain from osteoarthritis in my right hip and knee; I knew it was time to do something when I began limping and needed a cane just to walk form my car into work. (People were even stopping to ask if I needed help!) I researched my options and chose HSS because of its proven reputation for excellence and great outcomes. I chose Dr. Della Valle after reviewing his background, his patient reviews and his HSS video and he lived up to the great picture they painted.

Once I decided to proceed with the hip replacement, the entire preoperative process was well thought out and efficient, which was very appreciated since I had to travel into New York from out of state. Everyone from the office to the hospital staff were kind and helpful through the entire process to discharge and any questions I had were promptly answered.

After surgery I returned home and 4 days after the surgery was able to answer to door when the RN and therapist came to the house. From that time forward I have been making excellent progress with therapy. I am thrilled that my world is once again opening up and just this past Saturday, 6 weeks and 1 day after surgery I was able to go on my first bird watch ever! My world is opening up and I am really looking forward to being able to travel, return to my gardening and just living again.

Thanks to Dr. Della Valle and HSS for making this happen. And when it is time for my knee to be "fixed" I will be doing back to HSS and Dr. D.