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Cathy Mayton

Little Rock, AR
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Back in the Saddle!

Dr. Sheeraz Qureshi performed back surgery on my husband and the results were wonderful. Traveling from Arkansas to NYC, we had complete faith and trust in Dr. Qureshi. When my husband had a follow-up visit with Dr. Qureshi, he saw my right arm in a sling. When he learned I had a broken collar bone, he insisted I see world renowned expert, Dr. William Ricci.

In the beginning, the collar bone seemed to be healing on its own as it should. The next check-up, the x-ray revealed that the break was further displaced than the original break. Dr. Ricci specializes in “nonunion” broken bones. All I can say is thank goodness! When Dr. Ricci reviewed my x-ray, he said, "You are in good health, active, and athletic. You deserve to enjoy life to the fullest. Come to NYC and I can fix this."

I have never had surgery, nor have ever been in a hospital. I was nervous but from Dr. Ricci’s team of Jack Zierenberg P. A., Deborah Springer and Emily, my concerns were eliminated.

In recovery, the nurse asked if there was anything that she could do for me. I told her that I would be a lot better if I could see my cute husband. She said she was not sure if that was possible, but she would check. In minutes, my husband came around the curtain and all was well. Little personal touches, attentiveness, and perception create the winning attitude and atmosphere of HSS.

Dr. Ricci checks on me and has given me the confidence to get BACK IN THE SADDLE! With two plates and 12 screws, I am living life and loving it. I have been released to fly fish, kayak, garden, power walk and more! I am retired and 62 never felt better!

Thank you Dr. Ricci, Dr. Qureshi and HSS for being the best of the best!