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Cathy Bosco

Fort Salonga, NY
  • Cathy Bosco in the photo 1

I was born with my right hip displaced, and after many years of using my left hip as my primary hip, it too became dislocated. Both hips had severe osteoarthritis, and although I was sure I was going to make it out of this world with all natural parts (denial) by the Fall of 2016 I knew that dream had ended. After careful consideration and several opinions, I chose Dr. Parks, and Hospital for Special Surgery. It truly was one of my best decisions ever. I ultimately had to have both hips replaced, my right one 2/28/17, and my left one 9/19/17. Dr. Parks performed each surgery, and he has been an amazing source of information, consolation, and care. My biggest regret is my refusal to believe what I knew my entire life, that this surgery was necessary, and to have waited so long, and cause myself so much pain and loss of activity. I'm really not sure what game I'm getting back into, but I am so ready!! For me it's really getting back into life. I kept paring down my daily activities, and expectations, creating a life of limitations instead of dreams. After my first hip replacement, my second hip was so bad still that I was unable to realize how wonderful the new hip could be. I went to physical therapy up until my second surgery, which helped me strengthen my new hip, and the muscles and tendons in my old hip, to ease my recovery after replacement #2. To say I am amazed after hip replacement #2, is an understatement. I am 3 weeks out now, and am back to walking 2 miles a day (intending to increase that)...my former "duck walk" is gone, and the pain is, and has been minimal. I credit Dr. Parks with his mild mannerisms, and thorough explanations as the catalyst to help me make the decision to replace both hips. His expertise in the surgery has left me with an even gait, minimal scarring, and a seamless transition back into life. HSS is like a well-oiled machine, each part working well with the next to assure you are well cared for, comfortable, informed, and pain free. Thank you Dr. Parks, and HSS!