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Cassandra Belgrave

Brooklyn, NY
  • Cassandra Belgrave in the photo 1

I was living in the river in Africa - "De-Nile" - while losing badly in the "pain game". I was miserable for 2 years because I was going to lose weight, I was to retire and I had to find the right doctor. I succeeded in finding the right doctor as my primary care physician referred me to Dr. Amar Ranawat. With Dr. Ranawat was as though I hitched a ride on one of those moving walkways in an airport. My first appointment was on January 9th and surgery was scheduled for February 7th with surgical clearance done in the interim. The surgery was performed on February 7th as planned. I awoke in recovery and knew the pain was gone even with the lingering post-op anesthesia and all the good stuff allegedly infused in the knee! I would do my Fantasy Island act: "The Pain, the Pain, look Boss the Pain!"

I returned to work on April 18th. The hospital facilities were clean and the nursing and rehab staff members were knowledgeable, competent and attentive. Dr. Amar Ranawat and P.A. Julie Pate are an excellent surgical team. I know they hated me when I called for additional pain medication. The post-op healing pain was off the chain but by the end of 4 weeks all pain was gone. Six years later I occasionally get a weird itchy papule in mid-scar tissue which last 30-60 minutes, otherwise my knee is fully functional.