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Casey Corsa


At 18 years old I stopped playing sports and doing ballet because I could no longer push through the pain. It was so painful for me to walk that I became less and less able to hide my limp. At 22 I had two hip surgeries at another hospital and after about 6 months of relief I was back where I started. At 24 I got my first cane and I used it regularly. I couldn't sneeze or cough without tears running down my cheeks from the pain in my hips and even little things were difficult and awkward for me to do. I couldn't get into a car one foot at a time. Instead I would have to turn sit, and then use my arms to lift my legs into the seat with me. If the door was opened too wide I would need someone to close it because I couldn't lean out far enough to reach. I went years without a good diagnosis and suddenly I looked up at 29 years old and realized that I even needed a work-around to put on my own socks. Then I found Dr. Kelly who was able to diagnosis my problem as FAI (femoroacetabular impingement) and refer me to Dr. Sink for a surgery that sounded big and scary and had what sounded like a long recovery time. After a decade of pain, no recovery time is too long and we scheduled the surgery. Dr. Sink was responsive, caring, and kind. Leading up to the surgery, during my hospital stay, and in the years after, he has continued to take excellent care of me. 6 months after surgery on my left hip I was thrilled to be back for surgery on my left hip. I was excited for surgery. You read that right, I couldn't wait to have surgery and be stuck in bed for weeks because I knew that at the end of the tunnel there was a life without pain. Since my surgeries I have taken up tennis, carried and delivered a 9 pound baby, gotten into a car one foot at a time, and sneezed without tears. I am happier, more patient, more active, and best of all able to pick up, chase, and crawl around with my toddler. Going to HSS and finding Drs. Kelly and Sink has been one of the best decisions of my life. HSS got me back into the game of life!