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Carolyn Wells

New York, NY
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I am a lifelong New Yorker who has always taken advantage of all the city has to offer. After a rewarding 32 year career as a Administrator in a state psychiatric hospital, I was ready to retire and pursue the two interests that I had placed on the back burner: travel and photography. First up was a trip I had dreamed of since childhood: Antarctica. At my brother-in-law's urging, I borrowed his digital camera for the trip. Coming home with almost 3000 pictures, I knew I was hooked. Now it was time to enroll in photography courses to increase my knowledge and develop my creativity. What started as an interest had now developed into a passion. Rarely do you see me go anywhere without a camera.

This summer while visiting family in the Berkshires, I suffered a serious wrist fracture on the tennis court. A visit to the local ER resulted in a cast above the elbow and a recommendation to see one of their orthopedic specialists. My first thought was I must get home to NYC. Having previously had hand surgery in 1999 at HSS, there was no question this was where I needed to be. I consulted with Dr. Edward Athanasian, confident that I was now in good hands (literally). After his evaluation, he said the fractured bone had moved and he recommended surgery the next day to insert a metal plate and screws to stabilize the bone. Not expecting surgery to be in the conversation, I exclaimed tomorrow?!!! What about next week?. Dr. Athanasian explained that time was not your friend when the bone is moving.

He immediately calmed me explaining the details of the surgery and recovery, assuring me that after a course of intensive hand therapy, I would be able to return to tennis. Much to his surprise, I said I was not concerned when I could hold a tennis racquet but rather when would I be able to hold my camera? I explained to him that if I couldn't take photographs, my view of the world would be substantially narrowed. Two weeks post-surgery, I was referred to HSS Certified Hand Therapist, Emily Altman. She is a caring and skilled clinician whose expertise guided me from a painful beginning to regaining strength and range of motion. Imagine my excitement when only 67 days after surgery, I was able to hold my camera and begin to take pictures again! Thanks to everyone at HSS for getting me back in my game!