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Carolyn Tomaszewski

Danbury, CT
  • Carolyn Tomaszewski in the photo 1

After over a decade of pain in both knees and little or no relief from all types of non-surgical treatments, I decided it was time for knee replacement. I decided to go to HSS because most orthopedists in my area did not want to do both knees at the same time. I met Dr. Nestor in June 2014 at the HSS office in Greenwich, CT. Dr. Nestor explained, in detail, the procedure for bi-lateral knee replacement surgery. He also gave me a clear understanding of how I would feel after surgery and what would be required of me once I started rehab and physical therapy. According to Dr Nestor, he would give me new knees, but it was up to me to make sure they performed as well as they should. When I left my appointment I knew Dr Nestor would be my surgeon. My surgery was July 14, 2014. I spent five days at HSS and a week at a rehab facility before I returned home. I did physical therapy locally for about two months. None of this was easy, but I took it one day at a time. At my three month checkup I was given the okay to return to all activities including my Zumba exercise classes! My range of motion was close to 140 and Dr Nestor called me the poster girl for rehab! Having this surgery was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but having it at HSS with Dr. Nestor was also the smartest.