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Carolyn Razzano

Hoboken, NJ

I ran track and cross country in both high school and college. Years of running certainly took a toll on my knees -- I now have arthritis, bursitis and a loss of cartilage in my right knee.

While away on vacation in 2009, I injured my knee pretty badly. I called the HSS Hotline and was referred to Dr. Howard Anthony Rose. Dr. Rose was absolutely amazing. He saw me right away and worked to diagnose the cause of the problem. When we discovered that my injury was not surgical, Dr. Rose transitioned my care to Dr. Marci Goolsby and started the path to my recovery. She is terrific!

Over the past five years, I have been a frequent patient at the Sports Medicine and Performance Center for both my knee injury and a subsequent shoulder tear. I also work out twice a week at HSS with Polly de Mille and think the absolute world of her.

Thanks to Dr. Rose, Dr. Goolsby, the Sports Rehabilitation Team at HSS, especially Theresa Chiaia and Polly de Mille, I guess you can say I'm back in the game. I take yoga four times a week, ski regularly with my husband, paddleboard and more. My 2015 training goals are to do the elliptical a few times a week, attend bare or spin classes, and of course start running again (even if it’s just a mile).

Thank you HSS!