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Carol Zalta

Brooklyn, NY
  • Carol Zalta in the photo 1

We cannot describe in words or deeds the gratitude that myself and my family feel towards the staff at the Hospital for Special Surgery; specifically the Pediatric department.

From the time my daughter was admitted until the moment she stepped into the car for the drive home, we were all treated as if we were a well loved relative.

From the pre-op staff, the post op in the PACU and then to the wonderful staff on the 5th floor.

We want to call out specific people - if we leave anyone out blame it on a long week - each and everyone on the floor were professional, caring, sensitive and knowledgeable.

Jackie and the PT team; from the first moment they met Carol they treated her with so much love and sensitivity - making her laugh and inspiring her to stand up and get moving.

The nurses...Rosa, Kim and Rosa; gave her so much attention and care which provided a sense of comfort.

Peyton Katz as well provided an atmosphere for us where we felt at home.

Richard...his experience, his professionalism and his ability to connect with my daughter’s emotions filled her with confidence that she better listen to him because he knew what he was talking about.

Krystal...what can we say about her? Same birthday as Carol and just the right amount of “Patch Adams” in her to make a city smile and get up and boogie!

Dr. Perlman’s warmth, knowledge and accommodating explanation of every detail inspired a sense of calm and confidence to two very nervous parents.

Finall,y Dr. Widmann and his team - from the moment we showed up for the first consult we were so impressed with the professionalism and the care. When he came out of the operating room and showed us the X-ray and the miracle he was chosen to perform...we were lost for words.

No one should ever need to go to a hospital for anything other than childbirth...but if you need to have surgery to correct an injury or any abnormality...we wish that your experience can be as inspiring and as invigorating as ours was at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Carol, Jessica and Freddy Zalta and family