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Carol Nagourney

Glen Ridge, NJ
  • Carol Nagourney in the photo 1

I saw Dr. McLawhorn in late 2022 as I had terrible pain and weakness in my left leg. I had to lift my leg using my hands and I could hardly walk one block. The hip x-rays showed that my cartilage was worn away and I was bone-on-bone. I definitely felt I was in good hands as he assured me that he could replace my hip which would give me relief. I had the surgery in January 2023 and my recovery was relatively painless and easy. I was up and walking on the second day. Dr. McLawhorn gave me my life back. I can now lift my leg on its own and I can walk miles without pain. It was the best decision I have ever made and I highly recommend HSS and Dr. McLawhorn. This is a photo of me holding my granddaughter 3 weeks after my hip replacement surgery.