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Carol Drake

Brooklyn, NY
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April 14, 2018: The car accident happened so quickly. When all the cars came to a stop, I looked down at my right hand and saw it was off my forearm. I knew I had to get to Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) if I was ever going to be able to use that hand again.

When the police and the ambulance came, they wanted to take me to the nearest hospital, which was in Queens. I thanked them but said that I would call car service to get to HSS. After an hour of their unsuccessful persuasion, the ambulance agreed to take me to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan, which is the emergency room for HSS. My wrist was stabilized by NY Presbyterian’s excellent emergency room team.

April 19, 2018. Dr. William M. Ricci, Chief of the Orthopedic Trauma Service, operated on the intra-articular, distal radius and ulnar fractures and put my hand back where it should be with 3 metal plates. I followed it with months of wonderful physical therapy at the HSS Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy Center. Here I am just 8 months later with 90% of the use of my wrist and hand.

As a 62 year-old long distance bicyclist, marathon runner, gym rat, scuba diver, and kite surfer, my sport lifetime has been lengthened by being treated by Dr. Ricci and the team at HSS. I recommend them to everyone I come in contact with. If you want the best and most advanced treatment, you must go there.