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Carol Dennie

Albany, NY

I interviewed three surgeons before meeting Dr. Windsor and upon meeting him immediately knew he was the one. His credentials, demeanor and candidness gave me the confidence I needed to go forward. The full page ad in NYT for HSS with stellar hospital ranking was well timed for me when I was interviewing doctors in Albany and left each in tears thinking I could not go forward.

Once I put my future in his hands I could only pray for a competent outcome that would give me potential for full activity post-recovery. I spent first seven days at Helen Hayes pushing my leg as hard as I could but the first day failed to climb a step however the third day I did and improved by leaps and bounds- don't push too hard but do find your muscles by doing simple tightening and releases. But what helped most was using passive motion 3/day for 2 hours and upon departure had finally attained 120 degrees. Don't let them talk you out of that! Don't do too much weight bearing at first either.

By day seven I could walk pretty well and upon return home had to get up and down stairs - was more scared than anything looking down. Slowly wins the race. Went to ymca after three week revisit the hot water and jets helped enormously to bend fez and find the muscles again. Then I stepped in cold pool to cool off joint. I began riding my bicycle to Y 2 miles and could still hardly get leg to bend to peddle but in a week I progressed and by a month I was riding my horse again happily with no knee pain. Six months after TKR I downhill skied for one day and never skied better but it was only once.

It will be two years in April and I bless Dr. Windsor every day for the life he had given me back after being in daily pain since 1994 when I slipped and fell in wet grass. Sadly I didn't have immediate arthroscopic surgery as I am generally afraid of doctors. The first doctor that finally performed arthroscopic surgery left a piece of metal in my knee and nine years later a second arthroscopic surgery discovered it removed it in 2009, but by 2011, I was in pain again and after moving to upstate NY could not walk through snow or get through a day without heat and swelling.

I am forever indebted to this great doctor. I had friends who had several knee replacements because the first one failed- which is why I waited from 2009 when first offered to 2013. I continue to knee tightening exercises like plank on my elbows flexing and pointing toe while in stomach laying in bed because the muscles around the knee are the last to get back and help the knee stay tight. I can do a full deep knee bend and sit on my ankles. I try to keep up simple yoga and dance by standing on one leg and exercising the other. Just small lifts work miracles. One negative note I must mention: the nurses were not attuned to my pain and vomiting and did not tell doctor - evidently I was allergic to hydrocodone. Best hospital tip. Keep bags of ice on knee at all times as cooling agent. If in a dry bag it will not get too cold. But this will reduce pain and inflammation and give you great comfort - you may not even need pain pills if it stays cool. Don't let them talk you out of that!!