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Carlos Mercado

Jamaica, NY
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My experience was undeniably great, starting from the moment I met Dr. Boettner. I had been suffering from hip arthritis and had consulted several doctors before visiting HSS. All of them had recommended the same procedure: a full hip replacement. However, I wasn't convinced because of its limitations, which I wasn't prepared to accept.

When Dr. Boettner walked into the room and began asking the right questions, I felt a glimmer of hope. He asked, "Are you a runner? Would you like to get back to running?" These questions resonated with my desire to run another NYC Marathon in 2022, not just to participate but to perform at my best.

Dr. Boettner advised me that he could perform a procedure called hip resurfacing, which would allow me to regain a better quality of life. This procedure promised full range of motion and fewer restrictions than a full hip replacement. Given my active lifestyle and love for the outdoors, I eagerly embraced the opportunity.

On January 29, 2022, Dr. Boettner performed the surgery, and just four months later, I was back to running pain-free. I faced minimal obstacles on my journey to recovery, and as the year progressed, I found myself achieving new milestones. I completed the NYC 40-mile bike tour, a 10k, a 10-miler, and even a duathlon. Just 10 months after the surgery, I proudly crossed the finish line at the 2022 NYC Marathon, a well-earned victory thanks in large part to HSS and the exceptional work of Dr. Boettner and his team.

Since my surgery, I have been able to live a pain-free life. The quality of life I had before was marked by stress and unbearable pain, but now my quality of life has risen 1000 fold. My gratitude knows no bounds, and the opportunity to run the 2023 NYC Marathon with HSS fills me with pride.