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Carl Joshua Smith

New York City, NY
  • Carl Joshua Smith in the photo 1
  • Carl Joshua Smith in the photo 2

Back in October 2017 I tore my labrum in my right shoulder during my first amateur boxing match. I was devastated and worried I would never be able to train let alone box again. I don't make a living from it, but boxing training keeps me physically and mentally stimulated and plays a huge role in my overall well-being (confidence, fitness, and mental health) and success outside of the ring. I have never had a major injury to lead me to surgery and I didn't know what to expect. Add in the horror stories of other fighters who had procedures and were worse off than they were with the injury. I took my time to do research before picking a surgeon. It was two months post-injury when Dr. Answorth Allen and his team came highly recommended by client of mine. From the moment of consultation Dr. Allen was personable yet highly professional and clear on explaining my injury and the options of correction possible. He made me feel comfortable with MY decision to have a arthroscopic procedure to repair my labrum. He also instilled confidence that I was in good hands. After the injury I had accepted an idea that I would be out of the boxing ring for at least a year. Post-op, I was in a sling for 8 weeks until I was passed to one of the best physical therapist in Patrick Vignona. Patrick brought an air of positivity and athlete's mindset to his work with me. I felt confident in his instruction and remained 100% compliant with all his homework. He challenged me just the right amount and always reminded me to "take it easy, no rush, you will be back in no time." He guided me through all the aches, stretches, pains and other unfamiliar sensations recovery brought along. With his help, a surprising 6-8 weeks later, I had my range of motion back and was already shadowboxing to compliment my PT, using assisted resistance machines, and even doing push ups! Today as I write this I have completed my first week of boxing training (jump rope, heavy bag, speed bag, pad work) in the boxing gym. I'm back to lacing up the gloves and smacking leather (in moderation of course). My road to recovery far exceeded my expectations. I want to thank all the professionals who made my healing process possible and as enjoyable as such an experience can be. The work Dr. Allen, Patrick and the team at HSS does is to be admired, praised, and valued. Thank you for getting me back in the game! Let's Go Champ!!