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Carina Subia

College Point, NY
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Former W-League and UWS semi-pro soccer player with N.Y Magic Soccer Team. Torn my left ACL while playing for Ecuador's Women's National Football Team during Summer 2014 right before the World Cup. I was in denial of my injury since I was at the peak of my soccer career and decided to return back home to NYC to see a professional knee specialist. I saw about 2 orthopedic surgeons that I was referred to, but they did not convince me since I was able to run and do other activities with my knee that did not bother. One day I decided to go back and play, I did not last long and felt my knee giving up on me. That was when I decided to search for the best sports MDs and came across HSS. I booked my appointment and met with Dr. Riley. During my first visit I saw and felt that Dr. Riley knew how to work with athletes and how important it was for us to get back to our game. I will never forget his key question, "Are you planning to play competitive soccer again?" After I said yes, he knew what I needed and how my case was going to be handle. Dr. Riley in a matter of seconds knew what I had and felt what I was going through. I felt the support and comfort at HSS. The whole process was great, everyone was attentive and made sure I was doing good before and after the procedure. Once I was done with the procedure they made sure I was good to get discharged. I had my scheduled visits with Dr. Riley and I can say that until this day I have no complaints about my knee and I got Back in the Game to play UWS with my NY Magic team in no time as well as getting back to work. Dr. Riley and HSS played an important role in my life during this unexpected experience and I will never forget that. I come across a lot of athletes and I recommend HSS all the time.