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Cara-Lynn O’Brien

New York, NY
  • Cara-Lynn O’Brien in the photo 1

I’ve had knee pain (both knees) for quite some time. I attributed it to being overweight and getting older. I finally saw a doctor. He told me it was arthritis and to lose some weight. I saw another doctor and he said the same. I had been working to lose weight but exercise proved quite painful and felt impossible. I went to see Dr. Creighton, who REALLY looked at my knees. He looked at them in different ways - checking to see how they were actually working, what was painful and where, as well as how they did and did not work. He prescribed physical therapy with a therapist who really knows her stuff. She’s helped me while only meeting virtually in ways I thought no one could. I can walk up stairs again! I never thought I would again without assistance. My family just visited a national park where I was able to hike with them for the first time in a long time. It was a gentle hike but it was three miles that I wouldn’t have considered last December. Dr Creighton has a system to make sure he sees me periodically so that I continue to get the best care. Every single person is incredibly kind. This place is like a fairy tale that I thank God for every single day.