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Cara Harris

Pennsburg, PA

Dear Dr. Matthew E. Cunningham, Just want to take this opportunity to thank you for changing my quality of life. You have given me a second chance living full quality with my children. My three year old says she can't wait for me to get better so I can run and jump with her. As for my ten year old son , he probably can't wait till I need him a little less to pitch in with every day duties around the house. But seriously, I can already feel a difference in the way I feel as far as walking or standing in place for lengths at a time. Seven months ago when I was encouraged by my family and friends to seek help and advice about the condition of my back and the pain I endured, I was skeptical. Before arriving at your office, I went through a long excruciating process with a couple surgeons, one of which told me because of my age and the severity of my curve he wouldn't recommend surgery because he wouldn't be able to correct me enough that would make a difference. His advice to me was to do Physical Therapy and get fitted for a shoe lift. When I arrived in NY at HSS for the first time, I immediately realized I found an amazing, warm environment with caring, intelligent professionals who could possible advise me to make the right decision for my future. Dr. Cunningham, I have never met such a warm, compassionate, caring, confident, detail oriented doctor as yourself. You have such an incredible bed side manner and such an amazing way of talking with your patients about the procedures that will occur which definitely eased my mind and lessened my fear. Thank you again for the exceptional care I received the second time around at HSS. You have gone above and beyond protocol to ensure quality care.