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Candy Sue Maeder

Stony Brook, NY
  • Candy Sue Maeder in the photo 1

I have been a landscaper most of my life. Wearing a 36lb back pack blower on my back for hours a day was part of my job. I was also training and became a kickboxing instructor. I loved using my feet to kick the heavy bag. At some point I tore my left labrum and was in great pain. My local orthopedist from Stony Brook referred me for pain shots at a local hospital, which I did so often the shots became ineffective. A fellow female landscaper had her hips done at HSS with Dr. Nestor and was very happy with her results, so I decided to go to HSS where I met Dr. Ranawat. He was very informative and his staff was too. My surgery was scheduled for Sept. 2014 but I had cardiac issues, which needed further investigation before I could be cleared for the procedure. My left hip was replaced on 10/15/2014. I was home in two days after climbing the stairs w/ my physical therapist at the hospital. I did all the exercises at home and at PT.  I was walking unaided within 10 days and at a Halloween party in 2 weeks no limp no cane!!! I scheduled my right hip for Sept. 2016 and am writing this from my hospital bed at HSS as we speak!  I hope to go home today (36 hours in and out) after I walked the stairs this morning . I am amazed at how quickly I've healed from this surgery and how little pain I felt.

Brilliant doctors, amazing staff and gorgeous hospital. My view right now is incredible!! I highly recommend HSS for any procedure. This hospital is impeccably clean, safe, and sanitary. It ranks #1 for lowest infection rate in the country!!!! U r in the Best Hands here.. Why risk going anywhere else?