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Calli Hayes

Pound Ridge, NY

The knee pain appeared quickly it seemed. I couldn't walk down the hall and stairs were torturous. I saw Dr. Halpern in April 2017 and in May, he treated both knees with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections. By September I had very little pain and was able to give up the knee brace. I had already planned a trip to Asia, all reservations done by January 2017. On October 19th, I left for my trip. I hiked in Myanmar, Cambodia, and the inner Himalayan mountains of Bhutan including the climb to Tiger's Nest Monastery - 3000 meters above sea level, 300 meters above the valley of our starting point, 800 steps down the other side of the mountain, 150 steps up again to the monastery; and back all those steps and down the mountain. No brace, no cane, no pain!!! Thank you, Thank you Dr. Halpern and staff!!