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Caitlin Schweigler

Mahopac, NY
  • Caitlin Schweigler in the photo 1

I had my first ACL tear surgically repaired by another hospital which tore again shortly after. I went to HSS to learn that the first repair was not done properly. Dr. McCarthy assured me that she could repair the new tear and help me return to all different sports. Throughout the rehabilitation process, Dr. McCarthy and her team repeatedly referred to me as an athlete and always talked about how I could return to the game with the same confidence in my body that I had before my injury. Several years later I tore the ACL in my other leg. When this happened, I did not feel any fear. I knew exactly who would fix it and who was going to make me feel like the strong and confident athlete I want to be. Again, Dr. McCarthy repaired my other leg. I was always comforted by the ease of access to the office staff, surgical staff, and rehabilitation staff. I listened to the rehabilitation prescription and remained in open communication with Dr. McCarthy. One year later, I was able to compete in weightlifting again, perform 2 personal best lifts, and play all the sports I want to like flag football, golf, paddle boarding, and softball.