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Caila Zappala

New York, NY
  • Caila Zappala in the photo 1

I wish I had known about HSS much sooner! My hip pain had been going on for about 3 years before I went for any scans, which I did through non-HSS orthopedic surgeons. By the time I got to Dr. Nawabi I had all my scans together and we had a very productive conversation on a path forward. I had a torn labrum with slight impingement and he was confident in the arthroscopic approach.

From that first appointment to the day of the surgery and all follow-up appointments, Dr. Nawabi was extremely thorough and took his time with me. He answered all my questions and continuously reassured me we were making the right decision for my body. I even had a moment of panic right before the surgery and left a VM with the office. He called me that night and talked me through all my concerns. He even gave me articles and videos of his that were geared towards my exact case.

Pre-op: Soccer was my sport. I played in college (D3) and continued to play for fun after that for about 4 years before finally admitting that I was in excruciating hip/back pain after every time I played. Along with soccer, I took many workout classes including yoga, spin, and barre. I was also running a good amount - longest race I completed was a 15K. I was finally fed up when all my athletic activities were causing me pain.

Post-Op: I am 7 months post-op and I am very happy with my results. I am not playing soccer yet, but I can comfortably run ~3 miles, compete in spin classes better than I could pre-op, and participate in most other HIIT workout classes! Other than soccer (which we agreed to wait until the 1 yr mark to be conservative), I finally feel that my performance has surpassed where I was before the surgery. I now realize that I was constantly dealing with insane groin pain/clicking for years! I am definitely not 100% yet. I am cautious about certain movements and exercises. Any pain I feel now 7 months out is much more of a soreness that requires stretching and foam rolling, as apposed to that sharp constant ache I had before where nothing seemed to help. I am very happy with my entire experience at HSS and I recommend the Hip Preservation Center to anyone dealing with similar issues!

I am happy to help any other athletes get through this process in any way that I can!