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Bryan Reedy

Weekstown, NJ
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I was riding a one wheel hoverboard and took a very bad fall head first into the street with no protective gear. I live in South Jersey so I spent an overnight in the local hospital. When I awoke the next day I was told by a neurologist that I needed a 3 level spinal fusion in my neck. That scared me so I told the doctor unless it’s life threatening I would like other opinions. So one of my work customers told me to please go to HSS in NYC. So I called and got an appointment with Dr. Khormaee and out of the 3 doctors I met at other hospitals, Dr. Khormaee was by far the best out of them all. Hands down she made my choice very easy to put my trust and faith in her hands. She was so informative and easy to talk to, and always made me feel like everything would be just fine. So I had a lot of problems, such as: burning in my shoulder blade areas, feeling like I had weights attached to my hands due to nerve damage, also numbness in my back. Dr. Khormaee never doubted anything I said and always listened to my words and always made it easy to communicate my problems. When the surgery came, HSS was very accommodating and organized which makes your whole procedure go smooth. When I had surgery I ended up with only a one level fusion which made me very happy and I feel Dr. Khormaee did a wonderful job on me. I’m 4 months post op and with physical therapy I am healing just fine. I have gotten all my strength back in my hands and am working on getting my strength back in my neck and back, which is a slow process. I feel as though Dr. Khormaee is like an angel and she has given me the best possible outcome for this mess that I got myself into. I can’t wait to get back to the things I love like surfing and snowboarding. I would recommend Dr. Khormaee to anyone that needs any spinal work done, she is an amazing doctor. My whole experience at HSS was second to none and will be recommending this hospital to everyone that needs help. I just wanna say thank you Dr. Khormaee and everyone else that had a hand in getting me back to a normal life. ❤️🇺🇸 Bryan Reedy