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Bruce Reed

Long Beach, NY
  • Bruce Reed in the photo 1

I am a high school teacher, and began feeling pain in my shoulder during my classes. The pain was significant. Before my surgery at HSS with Dr. Rose, I literally could not lift my hand to the chalk board, or lift my left arm above my head. Every night I woke up from the pain emanating from the torn ligaments in my shoulder. It was truly horrible. I sought out the help of HSS and their experienced staff. Dr. Rose explained the procedure that was needed, which entailed a kind of surgery that reattaches the supraspinatus ligaments to the shoulder bone. I trusted in his experience, knowing that I could not continue to suffer each day with the pain in my shoulder. I was admitted to HSS, and the procedure was a huge success.

Some time later, my students asked me to be part of a school event called Dancing With The Teachers (DWTT). I knew by saying yes I would need to really exert myself. Teachers who participate in DWTT must complete 8 professional dance lessons, involving lifting the dance partner. When I began my lessons, I was surprised that my shoulder was so strong. I was able to move and lift my dance partner like it was nobody's business! Since then, I have been in two other Dance Showcases, and am preparing for my third in June.

There were many activities that I thought were beyond my reach before my surgery at HSS. I am extremely grateful to HSS and Dr. Rose for making the impossible possible again! I marvel at the medical innovations that are improving the lives of people like me around the country. I applaud you.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story.