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Bruce Habig

Larchmont, NY
  • Bruce Habig in the photo 1

I have always been active and initially began experiencing knee pain about 20 years ago, at age 40. Over time I became less active and moved away from running and tennis to lower impact activities such as bicycling. I became a candidate for knee replacement but wanted to put it off as long as I could. I decided to have the surgery just before reaching 60 years, and Dr. David Mayman performed bilateral knee replacements, staged three months apart in the spring of 2019.

I worked with physical therapist Betty Chow to regain strength and range of motion, and then have been working with exercise physiologist Ashley Fluger to continue my strength and conditioning. She has helped me to continue my rehab, and has also taught me life-long exercises to strengthening the core and total body which began to decline as my activity level slowed down and over many years working behind a desk. I completed the HSS 25-mile bike ride three months after my second knee replacement.

It has been a year since my knee replacements, and I am riding the bike regularly, enjoying walks, and back on the tennis court. My knee pain is gone and I am happy I can do the things I love and enjoy.

I’m glad I did the surgery. Dr. Mayman and the HSS team have been great. Dr. Mayman and his staff are knowledgeable, friendly and pleasant through the process, and have taken the time to monitor my recovery.