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Bruce Grogan

Brookfield, CT
  • Bruce Grogan in the photo 1

Dr. McLawhorn and HSS rescued me from the hands of an orthopedic surgeon who strung me along for over a year and then refused to do my hip replacement. Dr. McLawhorn and team met with me and laid out a clear and complete schedule for my hip replacement. Every appointment went smoothly and within 2 months of starting in his care I had my hip replacement complete. When I went into surgery, I could not walk without a walker, and simple things like stairs and showering were ordeals. Today, I am right as rain. You would never know I had a hip replaced. I no longer need anything to aid me in walking, climbing stairs, or any other activity. I owe it all to Dr. McLawhorn and the HSS staff for completely restoring me to full functionality. I wouldn't go anywhere else.