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Bruce Dubinsky

Rockville, MD
  • Bruce Dubinsky in the photo 1

Shoulder Replacement: Life changing! After 4 surgeries elsewhere, I finally found HSS and Dr. Altchek. I was in constant pain during the day and at night from many shoulder issues. I had a partial replacement done in the Washington, DC area and it gave relief for a short time, but I was back in pain not long after. I cannot say enough wonderful things about HSS and Dr. Altchek. My full shoulder replacement is amazing. I can ski again, I scuba dive again, and most importantly, I am not in any pain. Every single person I came into contact with at HSS was great. The facilities at the hospital as well as rehab were truly the best. While I am not a pro athlete, my physical therapist nonetheless treated me as being just as important to him as the pro players he rehabs and got me back to a very healthy state as fast as I could handle it.

Knee Injury: As they say, when you're young you can play hard, and that I did. Unfortunately, arthritis has taken hold of my left knee and has caused a significant amount of pain. I went to Dr. Brian Halpern at HSS and he has done a great job helping me avoid the eventual knee replacement. He has given me specialized braces along with meds that have calmed down serious flare ups with the knee. Thanks HSS for getting me back in the game.

Torn Tendon in Finger: Well, tearing a tendon in your finger is no fun. Luckily, HSS has Dr. Michelle Carlson. Dr. Altchek referred me to Dr. Carlson who gave me good odds at avoiding surgery to repair the finger. With personalized attention and care from Dr. Carlson, along with a custom finger splint made by HSS at their custom orthopedic splint shop, in a few months, the tendon grew back and re-attached perfectly and I have full use of the finger with no limitations. Once again, HSS got me Back in the Game.

I have since referred many people to HSS and one recently had a full shoulder replacement by Dr. Altchek and is doing great and very happy. Hats off to everybody at HSS from the top to the bottom. You all are doing the best job and helping thousands of patients all the time. I won't let another hospital touch me for anything orthopedic. HSS YOU ROCK & thanks for keeping me IN THE GAME.